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Smooth Transitions

I took my first risk management class in the spring of 1987 at University of Georgia.  My academic advisor recommended I take the class.  I was hooked the very first day of class and have been studying it, teaching it, writing about it, and making a living in it since then.  That’s 27 1/2 years of risk management and insurance.  I am a fortunate woman to be able to say that I’ve never had any regrets about the field I chose.  Even during the most trying and frustrating times of my career, I’ve never once thought, “If I had just studied ___________ instead.”   I am very much at home in risk management and insurance and still find it challenging and thrilling today.

My greatest pleasure is helping college students find this amazing field.  To get a card or letter from someone after they graduate telling me how awesome their career has turned out just makes me beam with pride.  Sometimes, though, the initial leap from the ivory tower to the “real” world has a somewhat bumpy landing.   The most frustrating phone call I get is from a former student who, six months or a year into a new job, calls me to say it just isn’t working out for them.

There are and always will be the inevitable generation gaps between 22 year olds and 50+ year olds.    Successful, smooth, and pleasant integration of the new generation with the existing office structure is the goal, and we offer affordable, practical solutions for employers bringing in this younger generation.   All it really takes is a little training and mentoring to make sure that new hire is perfect for your existing operation.


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